AlphaRender Cloud App

OwnCloud is a client-based application for file management which automatically uploading source files and immediately at the same time downloading rendering job results with just a click.

Download AlphaRender Cloud App

Choose your operating system and download OwnCloud App

Automated Data Syncing

Own Cloud application has the possibility of synchronization and uploading of projects online on Rendering servers and also the Rendered files automatically will be available for you after rendering process is started.

Owncloud application is designed for users to minimize and optimize the work required during rendering projects. Automatic synchronization supports different user accounts very fast and secure.

Cloud App FAQ

1How long will my files be available in my cloud?
Both render and project source files will be available for 14 days on our servers, after this time they will no longer be available. To extend this period, please contact our support team.
2I have accidentally deleted my render results. Is there any way to get them back?
Please create a ticket with your job name so we can re-sync files from our server’s side.
3How many computers can sync render results simultaneously?
There is no limit. You can sync results on any computer. Just install OwnCloud and log in with your personal information.
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