KeyShot Render Farm FAQ

If you have questions or just want to check information, we listed all frequently asked questions regarding our render farm in our FAQ.

General Render Farm Questions

1What are RenderPoints?
RenderPoints are the currency you pay all your renderings in at AlphaRender. We measure the rendering power in GHz (CPU) at the render farm and debit the appropriate amount of RenderPoints from your account. You have to purchase RenderPoints before you can start a render job. To buy RenderPoints log in to your account and go to Payments.
2What is GHz hour?
If one P4 CPU of 1 core and 1 GHz renders for 1 hour, that equals 1 GHz hour at our render farm.
3Why do I have a watermark on my output?
If you use your free trial RenderPoints to render, your output will have a watermark. After purchasing at least 10 RenderPoints (just for the first payment) the Cloud application will restart your download automatically and you receive your output without the watermark from our render farm. Afterward, all your renderings will be without the watermark right away.

Cloud App FAQ

1How long will my files be available in my cloud?
Both render and project source files will be available for 10 days on our servers, but they will no longer be available. To extend this period, please contact our support team.
2I have accidentally deleted my render results. Is there any way to get them back?
Please create a ticket with your job name so we can re-sync files from our server’s side.
3How many computers can sync render results simultaneously?
There is no limit. You can sync results on any computer. Just install OwnCloud and log in with your personal information.