Online Cinema 4D Render Farm Tutorial

Learn how to upload your job to an online Cinema 4D render farm in a few easy steps.


Register in Cinema 4D render farm

Create an account here and verify it via the link we will send to your email address. If you cannot receive “verify email” directly in your Inbox, you should check your “Spam” folder as well.


Save Project

Save your Cinema 4D project
Here are the naming conventions that need to be taken into consideration:

1 - Don't use Non-English characters in your scene name, package name, and camera name.
2 - The following list of special characters are not supported #%:£¬?\/"<>|

Upload Package

Then you can upload the project to your Dropbox or our Cloud.

Do not know how to upload the file to AlphaRender Cloud? Click here

Cinema 4D Render Farm Job Submission

Go to your online user panel and submit your job.
The result will be synced with your machine as soon as the render starts.